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Do you want your career to take off? Want to be a top earner in the recruitment industry? Want to be on a team with the best and most experienced insiders, trade valuable tips and get tangible support from your fellow team members? Want to help shape the new economy / RECRUITING 4.0?

Look no further. Welcome to CLEARSTONE.

CLEARSTONE will help you with a startup grant and everything you’ll need to get started on the right foot. We’ll provide you with tools such as an intuitive CRM system, the latest technologies, Microsoft Teams & Office 365, vibrant & informative Slack channels, coaching from experienced RECRUITING 4.0 professionals, and a competitive, highly attractive compensation model.

As a partner, you’ll set your own pace with flexible working hours and the place where you want to work. Do your own thing, on your own time, just the way you like it.



Our stakeholders – candidates, clients, and partners – shall always be satisfied, for we love what we do.

Financial Independence

We work so we can fulfill our dreams and be financially independent. We make our profession a hobby.


We value the happines and freedom we gain by doing what we do each day. As partners, we want to be an example to others for how our “New Work” philosophy perfectly complements our success.


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Recruitment Specialist

Dominik Garcia, Recruitment Specialist

I love the fact that the people at CLEARSTONE take really good care of each other. There are various trainings available, and generally many opportunities for further training and professional development.


Muila Paulina Swele, CEO

It’s our objective to offer the best headhunters in the industry a platform on which they can develop freely, to their own liking.

Associate Partner

Dragutin Vidic, Associate Partner

Joining Clearstone three years ago has transformed my life. I’ve upgraded my lifestyle in all the good ways, and I’ve been able to earn enough money to fulfill my lifelong dream: launch a fashion label! Now I’m a freelance consultant and I’m running my own business on the side.

Gotta love the Clearstone life!


Carina Schieffer, Human Resources

At CLEARSTONE, we work as a team, decision-making processes are short, and I can arrange my own working hours. The home office option makes it the perfect job for students!


  • You love your job as a recruitment professional and you want to belong to our industry’s top earners: up to 70% commission per placement.
  • You’re looking for the freedom to implement your ideas and achieve your life’s goals without having to start your own company.
  • You want to be flexible in your working hours.
  • You enjoy working in a team and seek fruitful exchange at eye level.
  • You want to offer your own, self-determined, high quality service to stakeholders.


Let’s get together for a friendly chat! We’d love to get to know you. Leave us your contact info and we’ll get back to you. We’re waiting for you!