Welcome to CLEARSTONE. We’re thrilled that you’re considering us as your trusted partner to fill your company’s job vacancies. We offer a range of service tiers to accomodate your distinct needs and wishes to the fullest.

Our consultants are exceptionally skilled, trained continuously, and fairly compensated, for we know that only a highly motivated consultant is properly qualified to fulfill your every need to your utmost satisfaction.

Thanks to our lean organization and fine-tuned resource planning, you will reap the benefits of our highly attractive and competitive services.


Priority clients receive direct access to the CLEARSTONE Employee Search interface, providing a real-time overview of suitable candidates.

Exclusive Search

Are you looking for the best candidate, want to avoid upfront costs, and only pay if we can find the right candidate for you? All clear with CLEARSTONE.

Hire us exclusively for your opening and we’ll take care of all the associated upfront costs – including advertising the position in your name or anonymously.

We’ll review, verify and check all candidates according to your preference, and accompany you along the entire path from search to signing, risk-free.

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Flex Budget

If you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise who is looking for a flexible and dynamic consultation with a focus on fast solutions, this package is for you.

Your options:

  • Flexible payment in easy installments
  • Prioritized processing of your opening
  • Regular progress updates

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Priority Concept

If you want to laser-target only the best-fitting candidates and get direct access to your industry’s cream of the crop, our Priority Concep package is for you.

Benefits include:

  • Highest prioritization of your opening
  • Custom project planning together with an industry expert
  • Targeted acquisition of top-rated candidates in your industry
  • 2 weeks exclusive rights to all candidates presented

To top if off, your investment is protected against the candidate’s resignation or non-appearance with our exclusive CLEARSTONE Priority Protection.

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